Pair Shares Dreams with Saint Rose Students: The Dream Share Project

Published on October 1, 2012 at 8:00 pm

Features Editor

The Dream Share Project is an inspirational film about two young college graduates, who documented their journey as they drove across The United States of America, following their dreams.  The duo, Chip Hiden and Alexis Irvin, are now traveling the states again, this time telling college students to do the same, without fear or societal pressure directing their journeys.

An entirely free screening of the movie followed by a “Chase Your Dream!”  interactive workshop with its creators, will take place at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 3 in Saint Joseph’s Auditorium. This event is sponsored by the Career Center and Delta Epsilon Iota.

Throughout the documentary, the filmmakers focus on finding out how successful people in the country have discovered, committed to, chased, and ultimately achieved their wildest dreams.
Just a few types of dream-chasers featured in the film include an Olympic skier, a Latin Kings of Comedy, founder of South by Southwest Festival, a slam poet, a Project Runway fashion designer, and CEO of a sustainable flip flop company.

The message of this truly inspirational event, as President of Delta Epsilon Iota Christina Strezenec explained, is that “College students get so caught up in school; they kind of forget how real life works. What’s beyond all of the craziness and college life. This film gets to the heart of the matter.”

According to their website,, the Hiden and Irvin learn about topics such as “discovering one’s passion, committing to a dream, dealing with setbacks, and redefining success for the Millennial generation.” Ultimately, “[t]he Dream Share Project is committed to helping people discover and pursue their dreams.”

Hiden and Irvin encourage students to do what they feel passionately about, without society’s ‘practical’ concerns to place boundaries around their dreams, and to undoubtedly reach their fullest potential in doing so.

Student Abbey Naumowicz noticed that the movie trailer features both the words “passion” and “purpose,” much like the Saint Rose “Passion.Knowledge.Purpose.” logo and slogan.  Naumowicz said that this trailer sparked her interest in seeing the movie and attending the on-campus event.

“I think a lot of students feel like once they choose a “path,” they need to stay on it because they have no other choice.  After watching the video, I now realize that putting your mind to something that’s placed on your heart can happen at any time,” said Christina Procida, a junior and transfer student.

“I’m really excited to see how Saint Rose takes this Dream Share Project and what they do with it,” said Procida, who will be in attendance on Wednesday.

To watch the trailer and learn more about The Dream Share Project and this event, visit the