Fiction For Bandits Headlines Show at Jack’s Place

Published on February 27, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Staff Writer

Three Saint Rose rock bands, Fiction For Bandits, The 7th Squeeze, and Route 263, all shared the stage in Saint Rose’s own Jack’s Place in CCIM on Thursday, Feb. 23.  The concert was a MEISA production.

Each band included at least one member of the Saint Rose student body, and the show offered students a chance to play for their peers in a familiar atmosphere.  Fiction for Bandits, who headlined the event, commented, “It is a great way to see local musicians in an environment where they are excited to play for others,” according to Scott Ramundo, communications student and drummer of the group.

Ramundo explains his band’s style as “hard post-punk,” a description they live up to in concert.  This being their seventh show ever, he stated that their goal as a band is “to turn some unexpecting people into Banditos.”

The group, comprised of Nick Perry on guitar, Nick Wilson on bass, Mike Mazzeo on guitar, and Ramundo on drums all contribute vocals to the performance.

With song titles such as “Gwen Stacy,” “Luna Lovegood,” and “Stormy Llewelyn,” which they performed on Thursday, Ramundo reported that, “All our songs so far are about female fictional characters.” Along with these fictional-female themed songs, the band also played a cover of “Us” by Regina Spektor, which they reportedly adjusted to fit their style.

Ramundo described the band’s drive by stating “We are a hardworking band that really loves performing anywhere we can, and any chance we get to make others smile or have a good time we will do it 100 percent!”

The night’s other performances included Route 263, who opened the show, fronted by sophomore and music industry major Matt Lisk, who played an array of original songs, which sounded Pearl Jam-esque at times, as well as a cover of folk song “Rye Whiskey.”

The 7th Squeeze, with Saint Rose music industry student Gary Ljungquist on bass, entertained the crowd with a high-energy set, sprinkled with pop covers including “Lady Marmalade,” in which front man Nick Horace impressively mimicked the roles of all five divas who contributed to the 2001 cover of the hit.

Fiction for Bandits invites anyone interested to listen to their music at and  Although band member Perry will be having surgery in the near future, which will inevitably hinder live performances, Ramundo said that “During that time we are going to be recording the parts for our CD” which they hope release sometime in 2012.

Matt Lisk enjoys his time on stage. (Photo: Kelly Pfeister)

Bubba Mann on bass with Route 263 (Kelly Pfeister)

Nick Horace belts it out for 7th Squeeze. (Photo: Kelly Pfeister)