White House Acknowledging That “1 is 2 Many,” Not 1 Minute 2 Soon

By ASHLEY SWEET Staff Writer It is very sad to think that sexual assault and domestic violence are a common part of society our now. Between constant news reports and ever expanding TV shows, it is impossible to hear about abuse toward women in one way or another. Every two minutes in the United States, […]

A Final Frame from Chief Photographer Kelly Pfeister

For the past three years at Saint Rose, I’ve opened up the graduation edition of The Chronicle and felt relieved that I didn’t have to write a senior goodbye. But now it’s my fourth year at Saint Rose, and I can’t put writing this final piece off any longer. There’s a bulletin board in the […]

A Letter from Chronicle Adviser Cailin Brown

This year, The Chronicle staff produced some 32 editions of the college newspaper. We are so grateful to our staff and especially to our graduates: Executive Editor Jackson Wang; Managing Editor Chris Surprenant; Sports Editor Josh Natoli; Chief Photographer Kelly Pfeister; Arts Editor Andy Gilchrist and Opinion Editor Zach Olsavicky. From the first time the […]

“And I Suppose, If It’s My Last Chance to Say It…” A Farewell Letter From Arts Editor Andy Gilchrist

“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be. I will not forget one line of this. Not one day. I swear.” – The Eleventh Doctor […]

Walking Off: A Farewell Letter from Sports Editor Josh Natoli

To Whom it May Concern, If you are reading this, I made it. I’m finally graduating. It seemed so far away when I got my “Class of 2014” t-shirt in the mail before I got to Saint Rose and now it’s happening. It’s definitely been a crazy journey and the best years of my life. […]

How to Improve the LibEd Requirement

By PAGE FRONCZEK Contributing Writer The school recently circulated a survey via e-mail about the liberal education experience here at Saint Rose. Now, I don’t know about you but in the “comment” box, I wrote them an essay. Requiring less liberal education credits and more of a choice to take classes that interest students would […]

Do You Like My Status?: Our Obsession with Social Media

By KATIE KLIMACEK Staff Writer When you go some place new, what is the first thing you do? Take in the sights and sounds, buy local food, post a status on Facebook, and see how many likes you get? I am going to guess you answered to the latter one. It seems like that is […]

Firing of Mozilla CEO A Fair Business Decision?

By ZACHARY OLSAVICKY Opinion Editor Freedom of speech is an amazing tool in a free society—not exclusively because of the ability to dissent and change government, but because of people’s capacity to say incredibly stupid things. For every March on Washington, there is a George Wallace; for the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows,” there is […]

Studying Abroad Broadens Opportunities for Growth

By KELLY PFEISTER Head Photographer In last week’s edition of The Chronicle, opinion editor Zachary Olsavicky wrote a piece titled “Study Abroad: Squandering an Opportunity for Change.” He uses New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s recent article, “Go West, Young People! And East!” which talks about why students should go abroad, and encouraged American students […]

Bye-Bye Simba: Pride Lands Beware of Demark

By KATIE KLIMACEK Staff Writer As if watching Mufasa get trampled to death by a heard of wildabeast as a kid wasn’t enough to scare us, lets just murder the whole family in one fell swoop. This is apparently what the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark was thinking this past week when they decided to put […]