College: No Confirmed Cases of Food Poisoning

By JACKSON WANG Executive Editor Dozens of students in the last two weeks have complained of getting sick after eating in the Saint Rose dining hall, many of whom said they had to be admitted to a local hospital for treatments. But, so far, there have been no confirmed cases of food poisoning linked to […]

No Action by City on Urban Blight

By JOURNALISM I Two men patched a vacant residential building in the neighborhood late last week, a property that was once a rental unit, but has been vacant for 18 years since a fire there in 1996. Another city inspection at the property, 681 Park Ave., was scheduled for this spring but city officials did […]

Saint Rose Graduates Open General Store

By JACKSON WANG Executive Editor Saint Rose graduates Katy Smith and Caroline Corrigan have been friends for almost 10 years. They met when they were freshmen living in Lima Hall. Through the years, they’ve only continued to grow as friends and now their friendship will enter a new chapter. Smith and Corrgian have started their […]

Pine Hills Pilates on the Rise

By LAUREN KLOSE Staff Writer A free pilates class offered at the Pine Hills Library has become wildly popular since it first began three years ago. The class is once a week, alternating between the Pine Hills and Delaware branch of Albany Public Library. Taught by Megan Haley, an art teacher at a local elementary […]

Off to a Running Start

By CHRISTOPHER SURPRENANT Managing Editor A lot of people are sports fans. A lot of people can talk sports. However, not many can actually write about sports. Joshua Natoli, a senior Communications major at The College of Saint Rose, as well as the Sports Editor at The Chronicle, has been able to combine those passions […]

The Chronicle’s Surpreman

By JOSHUA NATOLI Sports Editor If you take a stroll into The Chronicle office on any given Sunday afternoon, you’ll usually find Chris Surprenant, the paper’s Managing Editor, diligently at work piecing together the upcoming week’s issue. Surprenant is an interesting specimen in that he majors in English, rather than communications like most of the […]

Succeeding as Bad as He Wants to Breathe

By KELLY PFEISTER Head Photographer There’s a saying about Jackson Wang that goes, “Jackson doesn’t always procrastinate, but when he does, he does it by doing other work.” Wang entered college with the intention to go in, get out, and get a job. “That’s what I intended to do. And then I got involved in The […]

Shale to the Chief

By KELLY PFEISTER Head Photographer Senior Bryan Barry didn’t always have a fascination with rocks. Barry, a Geology major at Saint Rose, came here as a freshmen trumpet player, majoring in music, then switched to exploratory the second semester of his freshman year. It wasn’t until he took Intro to Geology with Jacqueline Smith, associate […]

A Leader with a Plan: Tinamarie Stolz

By CHRISTOPHER SURPRENANT Managing Editor For most graduating seniors, the very thought of the future is terrifying and uncertain. Thinking about a potential job, place to live, and doing something with that hard-earned degree is on everyone’s mind. Senior Tinamarie Stolz, however, finds herself fortunate enough to have plan in place. Beginning in August, Stolz […]

Keri Robinson: To Laboratories and Beyond

By ASHLEY SWEET Staff Writer After being a passionate student and involved member of Saint Rose, Keri Robinson is looking ahead to a future of science and traveling. With graduation approaching in just a few days, Robinson said it has been a great ride and all that she hoped it would be. Deciding to be […]