Another One Bites the Dust: Craig Ferguson Steps Down as Host of The Late Late Show

By ALYSSA HADDAD Staff Writer The late night changes continue as Craig Ferguson announced last Monday that he will be ending his 10 year reign as the host of The Late Late Show in 2015. He has stated that he is leaving to pursue other projects and that he had planned to step down as […]

Summer 2014 Movie Preview: A Mix of Big Budgets & Indies

By ANDY GILCHRIST Arts Editor It’s May again, which means that the summer movie season is upon us. It will undoubtedly be dominated by the mega-budget tentpole sequels and reboots that the big studios churn out, with box office records being broken once again. But it’s important to remember that there are several smaller-budgeted films […]

Bang Your Head with Brendan: Three Women Who Rock, Two Legends Return, and a Goodbye

By BRENDAN TENAN Staff Writer Welcome to the final edition of “Bang Your Head with Brendan,” the only column in The Chronicle dedicated to all things rock and metal. I’ll have more to say on this being my final column later. Right now, let’s take a look at the latest entries in the rock and […]

Kickin’ It With KJ: Kickin’ It For The Last Time

By KEVIN JACOB Staff Writer Well everybody. The time has come. This will be the last edition ever of Kickin’ It With KJ for The Chronicle due to me being a graduating senior. I will not be writing a music review this week, but I wanna sort of write a letter to the people about […]

Draft Day: Not a Great Pick for Football Fans

By TORI ADDISON Staff Writer The NFL Draft is a sacred event for football fans, so sacred that director Ivan Reitman thought he could successfully create a film about it. Well, he was wrong. Not only is Draft Day a complete flop due to its unrealistic plot, but it also completely lacks the qualities that […]

Bang Your Head with Brendan: At Rose Rock

By BRENDAN TENAN Staff Writer The final weeks of the spring semester means two things for students at Saint Rose: we are all just a few exams and papers away from summer break, and the annual music festival known as Rose Rock will once again take over the quad. This year’s theme, devised by festival […]

Kickin’ It With KJ: The Just Being Honest Edition

By KEVIN JACOB Staff Writer Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Kickin’ It. I haven’t been writing as much lately, but as you all know it’s that time of the year. Final projects are due. People are studying away prepping for finals. You know the drill. For the second to last of Kickin’ […]

Women’s Chorale Hosts Spring Concert

By ASHLEY GIRARD Contributing Writer The College of Saint Rose Women’s Chorale performed its Spring Concert Sunday at The Picotte Recital Hall located in The Massry Center for the Arts building. For the first time since its inception in 2008, Chorale singers ranged from alumni, non-music majors, music majors, and high school students. Fourteen songs […]

Nymphomaniac: A Bizarre Sexual Odyssey

By ANDY GILCHRIST Arts Editor Note: This review is of edited versions of the two-part film Nymphomaniac. While these versions have been approved by the director, they are not the director’s preferred cuts. We may never truly understand Nymphomaniac. The latest project from punch-your-buttons filmmaker Lars von Trier is a two-part, four-hour-plus film that follows […]

The Raid 2 Ups the Ante in Action and Gore

 By BRENDAN TENAN Staff Writer   It seems that creating a strong and effective sequel to a movie that is well regarded by critics and beloved by fans is one of the most daunting tasks for a filmmaker. A sequel makes a lot of financial sense to the studios that bankroll these films; they’re capitalizing […]